Monday, February 28, 2011

Here I sit @ 12:39 a.m. & stitching..:)

I finally sat and stitched some tonight while off and on watching the Oscars. I'm sorry but they were boring. I love to see the gowns and jewelry and of course the shoes; it's on my "bucket list" to own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes before I die. LOL Me and Ashley went to Cherry Creek Mall last summer; it's a "Rich Mall" in Denver, we dressed up and "pretended" we had more than $100 in our purses. LOL Well, we went into Neiman Marcus store and they had C.L. shoes!!! I had to try them on; I tried on $800 black pumps and walked around a little (the sales lady didn't go too far away) LOL I told her "they pinch my feet; I don't think I'll take them" LOL I tried to get Ash to take a picture of me wearing them; but she wouldn't!! We had a blast. At least I can say I wore a pair for about 5 mins.

I worked on Forgive Quickly by LK tonight; I'm using CC's Manor Red; it doesn't show up on this picture; I'll take a better one when I'm done. I have a BUNCH of new stash on it's way from Down Sunshine Lane and also 123 Stitch;hopefully they'll get here this week. I can hardly wait. I was "bad" and bought the new Blackbird book "Stitchers Journal" it looks beautiful plus a few other new designs from Nashville, the "Yellow Bird" from La D DA and a few others; I'll post a picture when they get here. Hope everyone has a great week; I'm off the next two days; were going to do a lot of running around tomorrow; have to go with Ash to get hers and Scarletts pass ports; they plan on leaving the 24th of March for Germany. Her hubby (Torry) will be here on the 10th of March. He's in the Army for those of you who are new to my blog. I'll really be stitching up a storm; I have to get my Aunt Lees sewing machine out of the case and see if I can work it; so I can "finish" all these projects I'm stitching. :) I may do that tomorrow or Tuesday. This is a picture of Ash, Torry and Scarlett when he was home in Dec. Grandma bought the coat and hat..:)

Think I'll go stitch a little more; I'm not sleepy at all...


Petites xxx et Cie ! Mon petit coin de Paradis said...

I love this new chart of LK. Great start !

Gillie said...

Didn't watch but did have a look at some of the gorgeous dresses on Yahoo this morning. Cheers to The King's Speech!

Nancy in IL said...

Sharlene, I nearly died laughing when I pictured you wearing those $800 pair of shoes in the store! Pinch your feet, my butt! ROFL!!! I thought the Academy Awards were boring also so I did get some stitching done. Forgive Quickly looks as though it will be a really nice piece, but you're right - can't tell it's red. Looking forward to seeing your new stash; can't wait. I also want BBD's new "Stitching Journal." I'm anxious to see if you think it's a good one.

Blu Stitcher said...

LOL, My Niece does the same thing. She loves to dress up and take pictures of herself. Just maybe one day I can buy her a pair that she can keep.

michelle said...

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