Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow = Stitching & TULSA

We always get some snow around's stopped snowing for now; I hope it's not done; we got about 2". Kenny went out and took some pictures of the house in the snow.

I've been working on "My Dwelling Place"; it's such a fun stitch. I hope to be done with it by November 1; then I'm just going to focus on Christmas stitching (& winter themed). I have been very bad and ordering stash; I got this one on Monday and have one that was shipped yesterday. :) I work hard for my money and you have to spoil yourself once in a while..

Here's my TULSA for this month. I can't believe it's almost the end of the month already; where has this year gone??? I requested to have today off work so I have 3 days off this week...:) I think I'm gonna go and stitch for a while and enjoy the peace & quiet..Kennys off today also; he has a Dr. appt and I didn't want to get cleaned up; just sweats today..


BeckySC said...

Shar, I am loving your progress so far-it looks great!
WOW..snow??? We were in the 70's today and very sunny :)

Carol said...

SNOW?!!! Where on earth do you live--sure hope it doesn't hit us in Pennsylvania!!

Love your progress on "My Dwelling Place"--very, very nice :)

Mouse said...

ohhhh noooo snooow ... doesn't it look pretty though .. we got rain here today :( stitching looks fab :) and stash goodies look yummy too :) love mouse xxxx

Cindy's Stitching said...

Snow already. Bahh. Love the piece you are working on.

Kathy Ellen said...

I love "My Dwelling Place", especially with such a beautiful title, and your stitching is so nice. Who is the designer?

Yes, we too are having a light snow here in New England tonight! I love snow (crazy, I know), but I do.

Enjoy some happy, cozy stitching time tonight!

Veronica said...

A lot of snow in October. Lovely stash. Cute buttons... Wonder what you have planned for them. Good progress on My Dwelling Place. Your stitching is beautiful as usual.