Monday, June 20, 2011

Should I???

I want to start a new picture; never-mind the 2011 Crazy Challenge where I've only completed 1, LOL and the dozen others I have started; I have gotten some pretty cute new patterns lately and they are calling my name and I'm trying my hardest not to surcome to their calls and finish the ones I have started. LOL

I swear this "Cross Stitching" is a disease; I nice one thou. But once it gets in your blood stream your thru..LOL all common sence goes right out the window. When I first started stitching in 1984 I was "one of those" stitchers who only did one at a time and I did this for years; then I started slowly adding others and now I wonder if I'm a "Serial Starter"?? LOL How about you all? Do you have to have more than one going at a time?

We finally have rain!! It's been raining since in the middle of the night, I woke to thunder and lightening and laid their watching it light up my window for the longest time; Kenny is out job hunting again; he goes out everyday and I sure hope someone calls soon, it's only been 2 weeks. He thought he had one at the local newspaper; but they said to call back next Monday. So, we'll see. I'm off today and tomorrow, I have my nightgows & robe in the washer and I guess I'll do the rest of the laundry; or should I just sit on my behind and stitch while it's so nice and quiet?? Ok, I'll stitch; at least I took a shower today. :) Hope everyone has a great day..


Blu Stitcher said...

I love Lizzy Kate and I agree, I am addicted to Cross Stitch. I noticed I get grumpy if I go to many days without stitching.

Lesleyanne said...

Oh My you have some GORGEOUS new stash. If you can hang on until Sept I think they are having a SAL on the L*K Lovers blog. Have a good couple of days off. I agree with you about cross stitch. It is my saviour at the moment it keeps me sane and I too get grumpy if I don't do any for a couple of days.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

I agree I am addicted to Cross Stitch, but I count it as my way of relaxing after 8 hours of work.
The crazy challenge really got me going on a rotation that has worked for me this year.
I am almost going home and will pick up my crossstitching soon.
love all your new to do items
Happy stitching

Mouse said...

love the stash .. in fact you got some that I want and mmmm you could say I was addicted to it and I have one or two or three or a few more all on the go and working on them all :) love mouse xxxx

Marilyn said...

Nice stash there Shar!
I used to be like that, finish 1 design at a time, but then I saw more and more that I liked and were calling me. Let's just say I also have a "few" things going at the same time. :)
I can't let a day go by without at least a little stitching time.
Enjoy your time off and stitch!

Shelly said...

Yup, I'm a 'serial starter' too! Sometimes all it takes is reading about a new start on someones blog, and there I go. At this rate, I'll have several new WIP's for the new year!

Nan said...

Awwww....go ahead! What's one more? Bahahahaha!