Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Waiting in the "wings"..

I finished A Spring Day today; I LOVE this so much; I decided to omit the stitched bee and used one of my JAB little bees; isn't he sweet?? Now I won't hear Kenny saying "you always buy those buttons and don't use them". LOL Silly man!! I think I'm going to start my March W.P. tomorrow; I should finish Febs tonight; I prob could have done it today but decided to watch "Waiting to Exhale" I haven't seen that movie in years and Kenny was working so I laid my butt on the couch and watched it and ate some Saltine crackers w/butter on them..LOL I love that snack.

Here's a picture of Rowdy chasing Baby in the house from the backyard. When we got her, her owner said she'd never been outside; she's declawed so he never let her; but when Kenny smokes he goes outside and she followed him out once and now she loves it out there; I know not to leave her but she's so scared out there she walks low to the ground and stays in our fenced back yard with one or both of us out there.

I'm making my Grandma Brewster's mac & cheese for dinner; it smells so good in here; but not from the mac & cheese!! I won a giveaway from Colleens Craft Shed a week ago and recieved my adorable doll and she included some cinnimon wax; which I am using today and our home smells wonderful. Thank you Colleen; I love her. I recieved my birthday stash today also..:) It was like Christmas...and I found someone who had the Busy Needle pattern and sold it to me...:) I think I'm going to use this for a "pay it forward" pattern so watch out for that sometime in the near future..I know several of us were looking for it and it's not available any longer. Well I gotta go finish supper...take care all..xo


Krista said...

Yum! Mac and cheese is my fave :) That word play looks sweet, each month I see these and love them more and more! Happy stitching :)

Marilyn said...

Cute Spring finish, and great stash!
Mmmmm, Mac & Cheese, everyone's favorite!

Shirlee said...

Mmmmm! Gotta make me some mac & cheese before I start my diet again : ) Great giveaway you won! I love those JABCo buttons but it's difficult to use them. I just like to have them in a pile & look at them ... lol! Scarlet looks so cute in her new photo! I've figured out why she always looks so happy ... it's because she's living in Germany : ) Blessings, Shirlee

Mouse said...

ohhh well done on your finish :) and your cute doll ....love the new stash ... and pleased Baby wants to go out but stays by you ....
would love the chance to have the busy needle pattern after you :) love mouse xxxx

Ranae said...

nice stash
Spring day is sweet.
I can't wait to see your Feb Wordplay
Mmmmmmm!!! Hot, creamy mac & cheese

AnaCristina said...

very sweet!!

Shelleen said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Congrats on the finish.

Anonymous said...


I love your Spring finish it's very sweet.