Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some stash..

The mailman brought me a goodie package today; I LOVE 123 Stitch; they ship so darn fast. I saw Becky SC had stitched these and I fell in love with them; I can only hope mine turn out as cute as hers did. :) I have a bouquet of spring silk flowers by my hutch and I have noticed "someone" was pulling them apart; I thought it was the cat and I found the culpret!!! LOL

I skyped with the girls today; Scarlet makes me laugh; she was eatting an orange and was trying to give grandma a bite; she'd put the orange on my face, it actually gave me a few tears. What I'd give to hug her and thats enough of that conversation...getting to myself again...Ash posted these pictures of Scarlett and their dog Dimitri, they've had him since he was just a little pup and he's 8 months old now; he lets Scarlett lay or climb on him whenever she wants and does nothing; he's a good dog. Ashley told me there's a slight chance their gonna be sent back to the states this summer; I pray that happens; I guess their breaking up Torry's unit and sending some people back to the U.S. I'm gonna call somebody and tell them I need my daughter & granddaughter back home...LOL Think it'll work???


Trace4J said...

Love the photos.
Oh hope your phone call works

Marilyn said...

Dimitri looks real protective of Scarlett.
Rusty didn't take those flowers! ;)
I hope your wish comes true about the summer.

Mouse said...

awwww don't know which of the photos are the cutest ...... and nice stash too :) love mouse xxxx

Catherine said...

Too funny about the flower thief!
What a sweet picture of your granddaughter! How wonderful that they might be home sooner than later ~ sending prayers that your wish will come true!!

Krista said...

Hi Shar, I am a big fan of 123 Stitch too, just ordered again today :0) They are so fast! Love the new stash you got and what cute doggie pics!

I am also passing on some love to you, a 'liebster' blog award, when you have a chance check it out at my blog.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lovely new stash! Your daughter is so cute with the dog!

Cath said...

I have given you the Liebster blog award . Pop over to check it out .X ;-D