Monday, July 30, 2012


I have been looking at this Chart for months now and finally broke down and ordered (and the called for material). I ordered it Friday and recieved it today. I love the fast service. I don't remember if I posted a pic of my threads I got last week for the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler. I have that all kitted up and ready to start; but I'm really, really trying to not start it til I finish my Simple Joys; and I'm almost done with it..I need to finish it; maybe I'll be able to work on it tonight and tomorrow and finish it up.

Me and Kenny and Hayden went to King Soopers and did some "Big" shopping; $242 later..ugh!! But I did find these two magazines that I HAD TO HAVE!! I'm going to sit and look thru them and enjoy a glass of sweetened ice tea and try to cool down; it's 6:30 and still 98 degrees outside; I'm diffidently hating this hot weather...I just look at it as another day closer to jeans & sweatshirt Hope everyone is staying's a picture of Rowdy and Bear playing; Rowdy needs a haircut so bad; I may have to bread down and give him one tomorrow.


Karen said...

Ohh....cross stitch goodies! Looks like you will be busy... happy stitching!

Marilyn said...

Great new stash!
Cute pic of the dogs wrestling. lol

cucki said...

beautiful stash..
cute xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Devon said...

oh stash in he mail is the best,,and i have also be eyeing that chart,,wow i forgot about king soopers,,that was our grocery story when we lived in colorado springs,,yes i am another one that cant wait for fall,,try and stay cool,,

Vickie said...

Hot, hot, weather up here too! Yuck! Nice stash. The dogs are adorable.

Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog.
Great stash!

You have done some beautiful stitching and you have a gorgeous granddaughter!
Happy stitching!

Ranae said...