Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hayden told me "Grandma, somethings eatting your pumpkin"..and sure enough he was right; I was sitting here stitching yesterday afternoon and watching "General Hospital" (Guilty Pleasure.LOL) and my cat was sitting ontop my stitching chair looking out the front window and she was watching something; so I grabbed my camera and creeped to the front door and low and behold I caught the guilty party!! He (or she's) a chunky little guy..lol Well, I would suppose so; after eatting a pumpkin..I just let him or her eat it. I also "tried" stitching while watching the Steeler/Chiefs game; but had to frog more than I was stitching; I've tried this before; stitching while watching the Steelers and it didn't work then and it doesn't work now..lol I'm off work today and "should" run some errands, but I'm just not feeling it today; I think it's another "sweats & no makeup" day for me..I need to wash a few loads of clothes and maybe make some chili and cook in the crock pot all day...sounds like a plan...Hope everyone's having a wonderful week so far..


cucki said...

Aww cute ..cutie squirrel..
Lovely stitching xxx

Gabi said...

What a cute squirrel. A chubby one indeed. Seems it is well prepared for the upcoming Winter.
Love your stitching too.