Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will the leaves ever stop!!!

OMGosh, these leaves are killing me; I ran out of my WDW's Kudzu and had 2 new skeins look at the HUGE difference in the colours..luckly the other skein matched better. I can't wait to finish these leaves; I would have finished them tonight but I stitched the other blue bird and stitching over 1 on 40ct on the beak and legs made my eyes hurt. lol

Works been busy; I waited on two very nice couples on their way to a motorcycle ride in New Mexico from Jersey; the guy said he's "shipped" their motorcycles out earlier in the week and they flew into Denver and rented a car and are driving to the rally..why couldn't I have married a rich, nice man like this?? They were my age; and I was thinking how my life hasn't turned out how I planned at all; I mean at 51 I never thought I would be waiting tables; even though I am a very good waitress it's so hard on my body; I have aches and pains like you wouldn't believe. I'm not with the "love of my life". I guess I need to quit b$#*hing and just be happy I have a many people would give anything to have my job...I think it's just about PMS time...can you tell??? LOL


Devon said...

I have a project like that with trees, and it is sitting the ufo pile for now..good luck with yours. Hope the low feelins pass quick, and I know I could never be a waitress it is a very demanding job. So chin up and smile..Hoping tomarrow is a better day.

Sally said...

That is looking absolutely beautiful:)

Maureen said...

I know how you feel re the waitressing - I worked as a waitress and in the hotel industry for a good few years and it was hard going on the legs.. I did enjoy the work though, especially when you had decent customers, but the hours were just a killer - been in a 9-5 for a few years now, don't know if i could go back to shift work.

Marilyn said...

Hope your mystery sampler will finish quickly. It's looking good.
Maybe your move will make things turn out better for you.

Kathy Ellen said...

Your progress on the Mystery Sampler is coming along beautifully. I know how frustrated you must have been when you found that the new WDW 'Kudzu' were of a different dye lot! That must have been so upsetting, but your leaves look great!

Lovely progress on your 'May Wordplay' in your previous post too!


DUSTY said...

WOW that is gorgeous !! Who is the designer for it ??

Catherine said...

Beautiful stitches!!