Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spooky start & stash...

I finally was able to start my Lizzie Kates Halloween Mystery Sampler; and it's sure a fun picture to stitch. Then in the mail today I received part 2 with the 30ct Carrot linen to stitch the bonus picture with. I love the colours in this picture and if anyones having thoughts on stitching this picture please do. It's so pretty and fun. I also got October 31 and the 40ct Days gone by linen to stitch it on; and this linen is beautiful..I can't wait to start it; I think it's in my near future..LOL

Work was horribly slow today; I hate when it's this slow; it makes the day go by so darn slow. I got home and Kenny had taken Hayden to the river to swim for a while; so I got some alone time, I'm watching the Andy Griffith marathon (again); I absolutly LOVE Andy and Barney. Even though I've seen all of the shows a dozen times (some more) I can still watch it everyday.. :) And of course heres a picture of my little cuddle bug, Scarlett. She'll be 2 years old on the 17th; I can't believe she's getting so big.. Hope everyones having a fun and safe weekend..


cucki said...

Great start..enjoy stitching the mystery sampler.. I am waiting for part 2..
Yummy stash
Enjoy x

Marilyn said...

Great start on the mystery sampler Sharee.
Love the fabric for the next project!
Cute, cute pic of Scarlett also. :)

Catherine said...

Great start on your LK sampler and oh, that fabric for your next project is wonderful!