Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some Pictures....

I am so happy it's finally cooling off here in Colorado. I need to get my fall decorations up, I may just have to do that today. I went to Springs yesterday with the intentions of NOT getting any new stash, I had to go to my LNS and grab some GA thread and these 5 patterns were just lying in this sad little basket and I had to bring them home...I hate when that happens...LOL Not much else going on; Hayden is going to go live with his mom this next week, she's my oldest daughter and I'm so proud of her for turning her life around, she's doing GREAT and their moving into their new little apartment soon. I took them to look at it yesterday and we had lunch at Steak & Shake, it was great; we don't have those here in Pueblo, but Springs is just a short 40 min drive. I ordered some used older books from a lady I met on FB a few weeks ago and I was so happy when I got them, it was like Christmas. I lost about 75% of my stash years ago when we moved and of course that was one of the boxes that was lost and several of these patterns were among the ones I'd lost. I don't know if I'll ever stitch them, but I feel good having them And here are my Morning Glories, aren't they pretty??


Denise said...

I really like the black bird that is on top of you blog page. it is really cute.
Awesome stash!
Happy Stitching

cucki said...

Aww sweet stash ❤️❤️
Pretty stitching ..
Big hugs x

Marcy said...

Spooky looks great! I love morning glories :)