Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hello from Texas....

Well, I made the flight in one piece. LOL I haven't flown since 1996 and let me tell you things have really changed...I didn't have any problems and even got my stitching scissors on the flight ok; they never said anything about them; I'd talked to several ladies and they had mixed experiences on the air lines allowing scissors. Some had lost their favorite ones, so I just brought a old stork pair that doesn't cut very well and there wasn't a problem. Me and Scarlett have been stitching, it makes this Grandma very happy when she asks if we can stitch, she's only 4 so I have to help but she's doing a great job. I brought Bent Creeks "Summer House" Zipper for us to do; it's on 18 count and the needle is huge so I thought it would be easier for us to use. It's so humid here; Ashley & Torry just bought their first home in Corpus Cristie; I've never been here before and the humidity is horrid!! It's rained everyday, this morning we had a really bad thunderstorm and I've caught a cold either from the babies or from the weather change. Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow so we can go to the ocean; I'd like to go home with some sun.. It's nice not having to worry about working for this week; but I"m kind of panicking about the money I'm missing. I'm single and a waitress and pretty much live day by day, the kids bought me a ticket to come visit them and I couldn't say no and I haven't had a vacation for almost 5 year. I guess I'll just worry and deal with things when I get home. I did have a amazing job offer before I left and I am praying everyday that it pans out; it would be so much more money and it's an office job and I'd be off my feet. I'm too old to be waiting tables; my knees are bad and I just can't do this much longer. I have so much to write about; but I'll just save it for another day. I hope everyone is safe and sound and doing lots of stitching.. Hugs, Shar

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Marilyn said...

Have a great time in Texas!