Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hi all!!!

I finished my breadcloth for an exchange tonight and was going thru my craft closet and came across a "wip" I totally forgot about. Gosh knows how long ago I started this; It's a "Heart & Hand" design, 2006 collector's heart "love is in the air" I have about 1/2 the boarder done. So I pulled my floss and started working on it again. :) I worked a double yesterday and worked the day shift today; I did pretty well, so me and Kenny are going to drive up to "Cripple Creek", and old mining town about 2 hours away; they turned into a gambling town. We just play the penny machines and last time we went I won $90 on a penny machine. I'm feeling lucky. LOL we only go a few times a year; it's a beautiful drive thru the mountains. Wish me luck; I am feeling the "need" for some stash; maybe I'll win big and can have a nice "give-a-way" for my pals. LOL

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Jane said...

Hi Shar
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I would love to send you a copy of the Snowman Trio chart but when I copy/paste your email address it tells me it doesn't exist so hopefully you'll read this message and get back to me on my email address so you can give me address details.
Take Care
Jane xx