Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

Morning, I need to go get ready for work. (ugh) Monday's are our slowest day and I sure don't want to go. Oh well. I couldn't sleep good last night; was up til about 1 then woke at 6:30 and got up and came in the living room and stitched a little on Scarlett's picture. I have too much on my mind. My DD's hubby is going to talk to an Army Recruter today. He was just laid off his job, I just hope they know what their doing; of course I don't want her to move but I do understand the economy. Maybe I'll reconsider my plan to move to Ohio. I was going to move there this year to spend some time with my mom; but Ash got preg. and that made me stay; but now she's leaving probably I don't have any reason to stay in Colorado. Kenny said he'd move with me if I want. We'll see what happens. Hope everyone is having a great day.

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