Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finally finished Santa RR

It took me longer than I expected; but I finally finished the Santa RR and have it in the mail. I will post a picture when the RR is done and the owner has it, it did turn out pretty nice. I don't know what I'll stitch on now; may take a few days break; I have the next ladies RR to work on; it's a halloween theme and I love to stitch halloween things; I already have something picked out to stitch for her. :)
I ordered some stash last week from Stitcher's Closet and haven't received it yet; I hate waiting for things I order online; it seems to take forever; my LNS is a little over an hour away and I just don't have the time to run up there; but at least I don't have to wait to get my stash. Not much else going on; it's just so damn hot; I hate, hate, hate the summer, come on snow!! LOL

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