Monday, November 15, 2010

Thank you Terri Hall..

I just got home from my mom's in Ohio last night and went to get our mail; and there was a package from Terri, I was so surprised and HAPPY!!! Terri had a wonderful giveaway on Halloween and I thought I had won, I emailed Terri and it was another S. Smith that won (just my luck) LOL; well, Terri said she felt bad because I misunderstood and was so excited when I thought it was me; she sent me a little goodie package; I will post a picture of it later when I download the pics from my camera from our trip. Thank you so much Terri; I can't find your email right now but wanted to thank you so much; I LOVE everything!!! and don't have any of the charts your sent; and love the necklace, it's beautiful.

We had a good trip and it was so nice to see my family; I am seriously considering moving back to Ohio this spring; to be closer to my mom and brother and sister in law; Ashley is moving in March; we don't know where yet; he hubby doesn't have his orders; he is just finishing boot camp from the Army. I have several pictures to share; I was able to stitch a little while I was home. I inheriated (spelled wrong I'm sure) LOL my Aunt Lee's sewing machine and I don't didn't have one, I was able to bring it home. I can't wait to get it out and start finishing some of the designs I've stitched to make into pillows. :)

Thank you again Terri; your very thoughtful.

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