Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm over this darn tooth!!

I've been on antibotics since Thursday; it seems like this tooth would stop hurting so much. I even take LOTS of vicodins; and it still hurts like hell. I was suppose to work a double today; I got off work at 4 and Ash and Scarlett came and ate supper with me; my manager came over and told me not to worry about coming back; to spend time with my family. We were laughing and feeding Scarlett some mashed potatos, I'm so glad she told me that; I just didn't feel like working again tonight. We were pretty steady today. Scarlett was "helping" grandma look at the blogs.

I babysat Scarlett last night when Ash went bowling with her friends; we had fun. Except when I was holding her while she slept and cried because I'm going to miss her so much; and that's enough of that conversation. :( I stitched on my Feb love picture last night and am going to go and finish it when I'm done here; After we ate supper we went to American Furnature Warehouse and looked around for about 2 hours. LOL we love to look at new furnature. I do want a new "stitching chair"; I found a great rocker/recliner that I had a hard time getting my butt out of; it was on sale for $319. I'll have to think about it; I don't have room for it now; but when the girls leave my house will be 1/2 empty and I'm sure I can find someplace to move my current chair. I really liked that chair; now I know why my dad loved his recliner; I've never had one and was considered lucky if I got to sit in my dads. My mom still has his; she's saving it for me. Maybe I'll just rent a uhaul and go get it; if I don't move back there. Well I could just blab on all night. :)


Mouse said...

Hi sharlene .. hopefully today tooth should stop hurting as much antibiotics usually take 3 days to get into system and work ;0 ... oooo I loved my rocking chair but when we moved last time I had to get rid as no space ... now I want another one :) lovely pic of Scarlett she has the most beautiful eyes :) love mouse xxxx

Tricia said...

So sorry that tooth is still bothering you, Shar!! I do hope you feel better soon. Perhaps some stitching therapy will help!

Niina said...

Hi Sharlene! Tooth ache is almost worst pain I know...hope it goes away soon.

So sorry your "girls" are moving away, enjoy the time when you still see them. It must be really hard to you :(

Rita said...

I'm sorry your tooth is bothering you so much and hope you feel better ASAP.

Scarlett is beautiful!

Nancy in IL said...

Sharlene, I'm so sorry about your tooth, but hopefully it will be behind you soon. I love those vicodin, LOL!

Your family is just beautiful, and I'm so glad you got a chance to spend a little extra time with them. That Scarlett is just a little dolly!