Saturday, July 16, 2011

Exchange photo..

I recieved this cute LK pillow from Laura for our LK Exchange. It's too cute and I love halloween; it's my favorite holiday. I haven't been stitching much; I do want to get going on my Birds of a Feather I just saw part 3 and it's soooo cute; I am stitching this to enter in the Colorado State Fair this year so I best get busy..

Until a few nights ago; I'd never had a smores. Me and Kenny were watching TV and saw a commercial about them and I'd mentioned I'd never had one and he got the stuff and made me one. (we have a gas stove) LOL. It was very good; but a little too sweet for me. Sorry such a short post I worked today and a double yesterday and I'm so tired. I think I'm going to go to bed.


Justflo said...

Lovely exchange.

I'm not keen on very sweet things either.

Hope you have a good rest.

Shelleen said...

cute exchange. I love smores but am like you and don't have a sweet tooth so 1 or 2 for the summer lasts me til next summer.