Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dinner anyone???

After Kenny went to work I decided to walk down to the library to print off a couple cute "freebies" (my printers out of ink) LOL then I walked over to this little bakery that's been in Pueblo prob 40 years; they have the BEST stuff!! I wanted to get something special for desert, I ended up getting a loaf of fresh wheat bread, banana nut bread and they had their sour dough loaves for $1 and there was 1 left so I had to get it; I'm making Chicken Catachori for supper and this bread will go great with it.

I ended up getting a couple of these puff pastries; I have a Hershey's Bar at home I'll melt on the double broiler and drizzle over the top and Kenny will love these..:) I only hope they make it to dinner..LOL I'll take a pic of my plate before I eat it looks so pretty...Now off to sit and stitch the day away. I'm not doing anything til 4; then I'll start my work laundry and finish up dinner. Hope everyones having a nice day..

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Parsley said...

YUMMY! Makes me want to taste all of the goodies.