Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TUSLA & stitching..

I didn't get much done yesterday on Jolly Jack hopefully today I will. I had to go to the Dr. and they did a bunch of blood work and then I had to go get my knees xrayed; they bother me, but I'm sure it's my work and age that are getting to me. Its hard work being a waitress. :) esp when your 50. LOL

I can't believe it's time for TULSA already and September is a few days away; where does the time go to? This year has gone by so fast. The kids are having a blast in Germany. They went to a festival this past weekend and sent some pictures so I'm sharing with you. Not much to say today; kind of woke up "bitchy" LOL...

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Meari said...

Some progress is better than no progress. :)

Hope your knees feel better soon.