Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shame on you Kathy...LOL

I was just putting all my goodies away and didn't notice the "frog" Kathy had attached to the great stitching bag. LOL I love him..and am gonna keep him on my TULSA jar to keep the "REAL FROGGING" away. :) I have my candle burning and it is making my home smell wonderful..Thank you again Kathy.

I stitched a lot yesterday on my Halloween Rules by LK. It's really a fun stitch; I'm still going to switch it up a little, I can't wait to share with you when I'm all done..I am off work again today and am going to just relax and stitch away my afternoon. I did all the cleaning yesterday and it's nice and quiet here.

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Parsley said...

I just picked up a section of the Halloween Rules. I don't think I will stitch all of them but I got the 'carve a pumpkin and stay up late' one. Do you have that one yet? I might can save it for you...