Saturday, December 3, 2011

A little stash...

I have been waiting for this order from Country Stitches for about 2 weeks; I know their busy. I got some burgendy felt, rusty bells & safety pins, needles (which I used last night and LOVE them) and some ribbon to "finish" my December Word Play with, then from DSL I got these 2 patterns and some material and thread. Kenny says I'm "Addicted to Cross Stitch" and doesn't understand why I keep ordering new things when I haven't stitched what I already have. LOL "Silly Man"

I stitched on my DWP all evening last night; it was so much fun to stitch. Ashley sent me a new picture of Scarlett hanging her ornament. She's getting so big and I miss her so very much. I miss her mommy too. :) Only 2 more years to go til they come home. I hope to get to go over there (Germany) next Christmas. It's still snowing out; I have to work today and sure don't want to; I wake every morning thinking of a reason to call off..LOL


Tricia said...

Love, love, love your December words piece!! It's coming along fabulously!

Sharyn said...

Your Word Play piece is great! I've been tempted to get those. Enjoy your new stash!

Marilyn said...

Your DWP is coming along nicely Shar.
Cute, cute pic of Scarlett.
I hope you can go to Germany next year, that would be awesome!

Sally said...

Your Word Play is so sweet! Have you seen the January one? I love that one too.

Lovely new stash.

Shirlee said...

Hi Shar! Don't know how I missed being a follower of your blog but here I am : ) I do hope you'll get to go to Germany next Christmas! My husband worked over there for about 6 months back in 2006 & I got to go spend a few weeks with him. We would move there in a heartbeat if we could. Beautiful country ... & going over at Christmastime you'd get to go to the Christmas markets! Hmmm ... can I hide in your suitcase? Blessings, Shirlee (Do be sure to check out my blog post today!)

Lisa said...

Hey Shar,

I also don't know I missed your blog!! I love it!! We have alot in common: I am in my fifties and also LOVE snow and cold weather. It seems like I am still in menopause....and another thing we have in common is our hair color trying to change its color when we don't want it to. Love you and your blog!