Thursday, November 24, 2011

Driving me Nuts!! & TULSA

I was going to change my blog for Christmas today; but the stupid *!* blogger is messing up; yet again; it won't let me copy or paste on my blog; as you can see; I earased my background because I was going to change it..I just got done trying again and it still won't let me; I've tried using a different mouse; shutting down and restarting; so I guess it's just the blogger messing up again; hopefully it'll be okay tomorrow..I swear I have more trouble than not on this site..

I worked today and we were busier than we are on Mother's Day; which is usually the busiest day of the year; I am a waitress at a nice family restaurant called "The Black-eyed Pea". My sales are usually between $200-400 and today when I got off my sales were $780! I made very good tips so it was well worth it; people were very friendly and thankful we were open. I guess people just don't cook anymore; what I'd give to be at my moms today (I live in Colorado and my family is in Ohio) w/my family. Maybe next year.

I got a little more stash yesterday; I fell in love with this Boughts of Holly design when I saw it and HAD to have it.. Here's my TULSA for this month..I'm almost done with Snow in Love; I will finish it tonight; I may just "finish" some of my ornaments tonight; I'm kind of in the mood to do that; I'm very tired though; my feet are killing me; especially my heels; lately they have really been giving me problems. Hope everyone had a wonderful day w/their families, friends..Ashley posted some pictures of Scarlett eatting her Thanksgiving meal; how I miss those girls.


CalamityJr said...

I know a few of us celebrated our Thanksgiving (or at least had our holiday meal,lol) earlier in the week due to travel plans of other family members, so we ate out today, too! We did do our cooking, just on another day. Glad you had such a good shift. Spend a little on yourself, now!

Mouse said...

can't help you with blogger my DD does it for me ... ooooo goodies :) glad you had a good day with tips at work :) love the photos and hope your feet are feeling a wee bit better now :) love mouse xxxx

Lesleyanne said...

Great new stash. Your tusal is looking good. Gorgeous pictures of Miss Scarlett.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great jar for TUSAL! I am running into more and more friends these days who don't cook! When I have the time I do cook and I'm great at it!

Great new stash!