Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day & Stash...

I want to wish all you ladies out there a very Happy & safe Mother's Day..I have to work..:( it's the busiest day of the year and I can guarantee you all that I will be dragging a*$ tomorrow (I'm a waitress) and I have a GREAT order ready to be sent off first thing Monday morning. :)

I have wanted these two charts for a very long time and went on Mary Janes site the other day and they were on sale for $5 each, it was a "sign" I had to have now I can't wait to get started. I ordered the threads for them weeks ago thinking I was going to order them then; but I couldn't at the time. I like when the shops have the called for threads posted so we can order them and not have to wait til we get the charts and then have to wait to order the threads.

Here's a picture of mom's gift; it'll be a few days late..I'm always running late these days. The white spots are sun shining thru the blinds; it looks like something on the material; but it's just the sun. I'm going to the Dr. on Monday; I'm going to see if I can get some meds for my mood swings; they have gotten pretty bad lately. This menapause is going to be the death of me yet..or of Here's a picture of my adorable grandbaby Scarlett; with a "pudding face"..I'm planning on going over to Germany this year I just haven't decided when exactly I'll be able to go. I want to stay for 4 weeks and it's going to either be October or December. Please enjoy your Mother's Day and relax & get lots of stitching in...


Mouse said...

oooo a puddingy face love your new stash ... gorgeous finish for your mum .... hope you have a good day at work and can get some more stash goodies on monday :) love mouse xxxxx

Marilyn said...

Great stash.
Your gift turned out nice, how will you finish it?
Cute pic of Scarlett also. :)
Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Catherine said...

Love the pudding face ~ that's the best!
Great stash and very cute gift.
I'd love to go to Germany! Either month would be great ~ Oktoberfest vs. the Christmas markets....tough choice!

colleens craft shed said...

Great stash! Love the pudding face....:) Hope work went well, and that you had a wonderful Mothers day too!