Monday, August 20, 2012

TULSA & IHSW updates..

Morning ladies, hope everyone is doing well and getting lots of stitching in. I was only able to stitch a little this weekend; I worked a double on Friday and Saturday and worked Sunday til 4. So I was only able to stitch last night. And fully enjoyed it and relaxed. I can't believe it's time for TULSA again!! Where is this year going to?

As my regular readers know; Kenny lost his job a few months ago and like 1000's of other people is having a rough time finding a job; well the Colorado State Fair is in town til the 4th of Sept. He went down there the other day and waited around for a few hours for the "boss" to get there and got hired on the spot to help put the rides together and he'll be running one of the rides; when he came home from his first day of work I had to get a picture of him...LOL He was covered with grease and dirt from head to toe and STILL TRIED TO SIT ON MY COUCH AND BED!! I grabbed a towel for him to sit on. Why do men do that?? Saturday when he went to work the "boss" offered him a job going on the road with them; and I think he's going to take it for a little while. They pay pretty good and he says that if it's what he has to do for us the he'll do it. I guess their going to Texas and Louisana next. So, we'll see.

I ordered a little stash this weekend and can't wait to get it; I've been eyeing the Spiderweb Scissors by Kelmscott for about a year now and finally broke down and ordered them and a pattern, threads and material. I prob shouldn't have, but I worked hard this weekend and made good money and I deserve it...LOL


cucki said...

Great stitching and lovely Orts xxx

Shelly said...

Nice start on the mystery sampler, I have the border, the owl, and the brown tree on the right stitched on mine. Good to hear Kenny has found a job! And it looks like you worked hard, pulling a double, so you definitely deserve some new stash!

Cath said...

Well done Kenny, and hope you enjoy your stash haul.
Love the new header pic. Scarlett is so beautiful. X

Lana said...

You did well this IHSW!!! You got alot of progress in on your project! Good job, Kenny....and don't worry, she'll have her stitching to keep her company while you're away! LOL...I'm a military spouse, so I know how it is to be away from the one you love, just keep stitching, and before you know it, he'll be home!

Marilyn said...

Great progress on the LK mystery Sharee.
Kenny looks tired too!
Glad he found something.
Enjoy your new stash, you deserve it!
P.S. Love the new pic of Scarlett on your header. :)

Gabi said...

Great stitching. Love your sampler.
Good for Kenny that he has found a new job. But it's a pity he'll be on the road for a while.

Joy said...

I understand having to travel for a job. My DH is gone 4 days out of the week with NFS, but it is a job! Nice progress on your latest project! I cannot believe how big Scarlett is now!! Doesn't seem like she should be a little lady.

DUSTY said...

I love the Halloween design -- Cute !!! So glad your DH finally found some work. Scarlett is really getting big !! She si still a cutie !!

Devon said...

Oh your mystery sampler is looking so cute,,and that is awesome for kenny getting work,,now adays any work is good work,,and of course buying stash is always good therapy at least in my book,,that is why I order some floss and scissors form Anitas little stitches..cant wait to see your mystery sampler further done..take care..huggs