Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Had a nice day....alone..:)

I hope everyone is having fun and getting all ready for the "Big Turkey Day"..:) I'm working from 9:30 til 4:00. For those of you who are new to my Blog; I am a waitress. I found it sad last year that we were so busy on Thanksgiving; don't get me wrong, I like the good money I made, but I found it sad that so many people don't cook on Thanksgiving like before...in the "Olden Days" (as my girls call it..LOL) When I was a child NO restaurants were even open on Thanksgiving. Everything has become so darn commercial; now their starting "pre-Black Friday" sales??? Doesn't that just ruin the idea? I didn't plan on going this far with this topic, sorry just got on a roll..lol Yesterday, Haydens mom (my DD Heather) came and got him and they went to spend a few days with some friends in Springs, then their coming back here Sunday and she's gonna stay here with me til they get on their feet. I think their all coming over Thanksgiving and cooking while I'm working :)..it'll be fun. So, I have REALLY been enjoying my alone time these past few days. I could live alone, it doesn't bother me at all!! I started my Gingerbread Ornie last night, haven't stitched much on it today. Here's a little stash I got today..:) Im late posting my TULSA.. I went to the Pharmacy and picked up some meds, and then went down to my favorite shop down in Old Pueblo. They have EVERYTHING there and everytime I go there I spend a few hours just looking around. I picked up a braclet for Heather and a nice pair of earrings for my friend Dorelee at work; her Birthday is tomorrow. And I got me a Yankee Candle, little red cardinal and a braclet. There is a little bakery next door to Seabells (my store) and I went in and picked up this adorable Carrot Cake for my desert; it was so pretty and looked so good....but it was...nasty...LOL I took one bite and threw the rest away. I wasted $4.65. I hope everyone is safe and has a wonderful Thanksgiving.. Hugs, Shar


The Maiden said...

The cake looked so good, shame! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

cucki said...

aww very sweet new chart and lovely stitching..
happy thanksgiving to you and your family.
love cucki x

Vickie said...

You are so, so right with the restaurants and sales. Where does it all end for crying out loud.
And that carrot cake looked so good!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Parsley said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Love your stitchy starts.

Rita said...

I agree somewhat about eating out on Thanksgiving although if they're eating out with their families, it's better than nothing, I guess.

I love being with people but I also enjoy my time alone.

I don't partake of Black Friday.

Rita said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bea said...

Love your new stash. How disappointing about the cake - it looks so delicious.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!