Friday, November 23, 2012

Toasted or Untoasted????

How do you like your bread on a BLT? I prefer mine to be toasted; and that's what I decided sounded good for dinner tonight. :) So, after work I stopped and got some lettuce and a tomato and some bacon. It was delicous..:) I haven't made much progress on my gingerbread man, after I post this I'm gonna stitch til bedtime and hopefully make some progress. I came across a new Cross Stitch site last week Stitch and Frog, I found a kit that I've been looking for for a while now and decided to take a chance and order it; I always order from 123 and Anita's, I'm a little leary to order from somewhere new; I've ordered from other places only to wait 3 weeks or longer for my order and I don't know about you but when I make a Cross Stitch order I'm "sweatin the mail" waiting anxiously for my new bunch of "goodies". I'm like a Cross Stitch "Junkie" waiting for my next "fix"...LOL I know I'm not alone in this ladies..:) In my order from Anita she sent me some Boin size 28 needles as a thank you, I thought that was so sweet of her. Well anyways, I ordered this Trilogy kit and got it in 4 days (counting the holiday). It was packaged well and I am satisfied. I will still go to Anita first and then 123 and use Marty at Stitch & Frog for emergencies; she has some patterns the others don't have; I have a wish list started already..I'm going to "try" to cut way back on my ordering stash next year and stitch some of what I already have. I'm sure I'll still get the new ornaments and a few things like that; but this year I've kind of been a bad girl and gone way beyond what I should have..:) Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgivig with your families; I was alone, I worked and we were so busy, I was so tired, I just came home and ate a little something and a piece of pumpkin pie I brought home from work and relaxed. My friend Rhonda invited me to her brothers and my other friend invited me to her families, but to be honest I was so tired and my knee was killing me, so I just came on home. Well ladies off to stitch...:) why don't you join me??? Hugs, Shar


Shelly said...

That BLT looks real good but I'm still munching on turkey leftovers! I know what you mean about keeping stash next year to a minimum; you've got some good ones there though. And I'm stitching too and taking a small break right now. Have a good night!

cucki said...

Very cute stitching and yummy stash ..
Have a lovely day x

Marilyn said...

More great stash! lol
That's a great kit.
That's good to know about ordering.
The BLT looks good too. :)

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Shar, I like my bread toasted for BLT's too. Looks yummy!
Those stitcheries are so cute! I used to do cross stitch, not sure why I haven't gotten back to it.