Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prizes & a little stash..

I was so lucky to have won a giveaway from Nancy at Victorian Motto, I won the surprise gift and what a wonderful surprise it was...some of her beautiful chenille and lovely threads. :) Thank you Nancy, I absolutely love them and can't wait to use them. I have been "trying" to be good and not order new stash, but I broke, the designers are coming up with more and more cute things that I just have to have. I'm still working on "Needleworker" and am going to go stitch on it and watch Dancing With The Stars after I post this. I love it...I think I'm going to stitch Spring Jack when I'm done. Here's a few pictures of Miss. Scarlett at her gymnastics class today; I love that Ashley posts all these pictures for me. Not much to talk about today; kind a got the blues, I've been going thru some personal issues and I'm not quite sure where things are headed; but I'll just pray about it and see what happens. (nothing medically or legal, just relationship "crap"), why can't things just be easy? I envy so many of you ladies, can I'll just leave it at that...Happy Stitching...


cucki said...

Very pretty win and lovely stash..
Enjoy x

Marilyn said...

Nice win and stash!
It looks like Scarlett is really enjoying gym, good for her.

Catherine said...

Congrats on the win and the stash!!! Miss Scarlett is a cutie!

Natasha said...

What a lovely win.... She sure does have the prettiest colors!! I have seen some of the new designs coming out and I will not I repeat will not buy anything LOL

I look forward to seeing spring jack started, it looks cute.

I will pray and send you good thoughts, I have been there and let me just say it is no fun! ((HUGS)) I hope that things turn around for you in the dept.