Saturday, April 20, 2013

What a day....

I'm a waitress at a family style restaurant called "The Black-eyed Pea" in Pueblo, Co. I have been working there for 6 years now and I have several "regulars", mostly seniors that I grow quite attached to and sadly I do lose a few. I found out yesterday that on of my regulars had passed away on Tuesday night; I just waited on him and his dear wife on Sunday and he was fine, it was a heart attack. That's how I lost my dad, well today before his funeral 28 of his relatives came in to eat in honor of him and it was so hard and sad. His poor wife seemed so lost. You just never know; that's why it's so important that the people in our lives that we love need to know we love them. Last night I was "frogging" and I wasn't paying attention to "Bear", he has a thing about stuffed animals and he'll pick at then until he gets a hole and then he just tears the stuffing out, as you can He's such a little pain in the you know what sometimes. I was just 1 stitch off on my "N" and thought of just fudging it, but it was bothering me so I took it out. I came home from a long day at work today and had 3 packages waiting for me..that made me smile. I have been looking for the "Ghoul" pattern for sometime now and found one on e-bay and won it last week, I can't wait to stitch it. And I got my auto-deliveries for the "Peace" and the "Main Street Station" alone w/the materials and a few other goodies I've been eyeing. I have one more order from Stitch & Frog hopefully it'll be here on Monday. There are so many wonderful new patterns out, the designers are killing my stitching budget. I just need to pick up a few extra working shifts here and there to pay for my addiction. I did finish my "Hope". Do you ladies think there's such a thing as a "Stash Hoarder"?? Because if so, I believe I am Am I alone on this one?? LOL God bless you all...


Vicky L said...

Needleworker has a good start. I am hoping to start my soon. I am a Stash Hoarder too. I have too many patterns and I can't get rid of it.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

Three Tulips has been speaking to me very loudly! Alas, I'm on a stash diet this year so I must stay strong. I can't wait to see ou stitching it.
Sweet little bear just needed some mommy time and could have maybe chased those dang froggies away.

Marilyn said...

Sorry to hear about your customer's passing.
Nice finish, and great stash!
Bear looks like he saying.........."you want a piece of me?" LOL
I think we are all stash hoarders. :)
Like the saying goes, when you go back, it won't be there.

cucki said...

Nice finish and great stash..
So sorry to hear about the sad news..
Big hugs x

Kathy Ellen said...

LHN "HOPE" looks beautiful! I love these sweet "Little Sheep Virtues" designs too.
Oh, dear, it looks like Bear was a naughty little doggie. Our toy poodle, Meggie, loves to chew the stuffing out of her toys too. Aren't they just little imps?

Blessings in Stitches & Friendship!

Kaisievic said...

Your finish is lovely and welcome to the Stash hoarder club except I call it Stash Empire building! So sad that one of the special people in your life has passed on but I am sure that you brought him joy as his waitress as he was a regular.

hugs to you, Kaye

Lynn said...

I'm proud to say that I'm a confessed stash hoarder. You wouldn't believe how much I have, lol! I see you've purchased 2 of my favs, Three Tulips and Ghoul. I finished stitching Ghoul this year and loved it!
I'm sorry to hear about your regular customer. We have lost 3 of our church parishoners this past month and although I didn't know them well there is a definite void left by their absence.

Jane said...

Your purchases are similar to mine. Sorry your customer passed away. It was nice that he was out dining with his wife and you were working that day.

There is an acronym (that I forgot) for having stash beyond life expectation. I certainly have enough stash for several lifetimes. LOL