Monday, September 20, 2010

Things are looking up!!!

Kenny has called me at least 7 times today. :) I think he'll be back in March; he's going to work for a friend in Oregon over the winter. There aren't many good paying jobs around here.

There's this beautiful house across the street that has a little cottage that sits back from the street; when Kenny was here he made friends with the guy; I called him today (the guy, Nathan) and asked about it; he said it was a 1 bedroom newly remodeled home built in 1908; but he had just totally redecorated the whole inside; new wiring and it has the original hardwood floor he had professionally refinished; I told him I wanted to look at it; so when he got home from work he called me and me and Ashley and Scarlett walked over to see it; and I fell in love. It's beautiful! He rented it to me right there on the spot. He was asking $550 for it; but said he'd give it to me for $500. Which is what I pay for this duplex; where I listen to the young people up stairs walking above me and their big dogs barking at all hours. I'm excited; it's so pretty; I'll take pictures when I get it all decorated.

I think I'll go stitch a little. :)


Meadows08 said...

Your new cottage sounds lovely! Looking forward to seeing pics!

Sue said...

It sounds wonderful! Would love to see some pics when you're all moved in!