Friday, December 17, 2010

Thank you..

I just want to thank the ladies who have commented on my last post. He isn't my DH Kathy, he's my "boyfriend". We've been together almost 2 years. I'll be fine; I miss him, I don't know if it's him specifically or just the companionship? I'm figuring all that out now. I appriciate all you ladies and your sweet comments; they help me a LOT.

Back to stitching on Frosty. I have to get it done. I want to do the Gingerbread couple and the stack of gingerbread men in the 2010 Just Cross Stitch mag. Hope everyone is getting lots of stitching done. Hugs, Shar


Shelleen said...

Glad that you are doing better. I am now getting caught up on blogs.

Lesleyanne said...

Looking forward to seeing these three projects. They are on my to do list lol. Hope you are okay.

Kathy said...

Oops on the DH instead of BF. :) I am sure it is still hard to "let go" but better when it doesn't mean legal stuff. I'm glad you are stitching away. Want to help me finish mine? LOL