Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Wednesday...

Hi, hope everyone is keeping cool; it was 104 here today; and thats WAYYYY TOOO HOT!!! I HATE being hot. Hopefully fall will hurry and get here. lol I went to the grocery store and found the Just Cross Stitch Xmas Orn. preview; I had to get it. There's a few in there I want to stitch.

I only worked a few hours; my tooth is killing me; I was able to get an appt. to get into see my dentist tomorrow @3:00. I'll prob just have her pull it; it's a back molar and I just can't afford $800 for a root canal. I just want it to stop hurting. It's not as bad now; I took some Vics my Dr. prescribed me for my knee. Here is a picture of Kenny; I caught him lying on the couch; these are just a few of the stuffed animals he's won me; he loves to win me stuffed animals at fairs, etc. I have 29 at last count. He won me a 3ft. bear at the Colorado State Fair a few years ago that holds a heart that says "I love you". It's my favorite. :)

Kenny told me he has a "surprise" fo me Friday; I HATE when he does that; it drives me crazy not knowing; my oldest daughter Heather knows about it; she texted me today and was teasing me that she knew what it is but won't tell me. Were going out with some friends on Friday night; but I guess this "surprise" I'll get when I get home from work Friday. I'll be sure to let you all know. :)

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