Monday, June 27, 2011

I love baby feet...

Ashley sent me a few new pictures of Scarlett I had to share with you all. I did finally start something new. LOL It's just a little something for my mom and decided to do one for me; so when I'm all done I'll post a picture; it'll probabely be tomorrow; I'm going to "finish" them in Altoid tins; her's will be the larger one and mine is the smaller one.

I went to the Dr. today my hip is hurting and they gave me some pain pills and muscle relaxer. I talked to her about doing Gastric Bypass; I am about 60 lbs over weight and have to do something; my blood pressure is high and I'm on meds;I have been over weight since I had Ashley and I am over it; I go from a size 16 to 18 and was even a 24 at one point; I lost about 80 lbs about 5 years ago and have put 50 of it back on. I don't want to be skinny; just healthy; maybe a size 13; I'm 5'9 and "large boned" so I don't want to be 120 lbs; just not this heavy. Has anyone out there had this surgery? I go back July 12 to talk to my main Dr. I have to do something. I'm 50 and feel it's past time. :)

My brother's best friend was killed yesterday in a small plane accident; they have friends who own a small plane and guess the pilot made an error and was closer to the ground then he'd thought; he only has some broken bones; but it killed Douglas immediately. He's married w/3 little girls under 2; his wife just had twin girls in January; he was never without a smile and something sweet to say; he's such a nice guy. Life is so unfair sometimes; it makes you question things when someone so nice is taken and so many evil people are left. Please put his wife and girls in your prayers; they were such a happy couple; you could see and feel their love for each other when you were around them. Please hold your loved ones close; life is so precious.


Mouse said...

Love the new header photo and the new ones of Scarlett .. and soo sorry to hear of the tragedy .. they are in my thoughts ... take care love mouse xxx
(I know someone who has had the op and it has worked for her but she did have some problems after too ) she has lost 14 stone and counting )

Lorie said...

So sorry to hear about the tragedy. I'll definitely keep the family in my prayers.

I had gastric bypass back in 2008. I was at 300 pounds and I'm now at 160. I have to say that it was the best decision I ever made for myself. Within weeks, my blood pressure, blood sugar and a variety of other weight related issues had resolved themselves. I still have to fight the "head hunger" demons that are related to emotional eating, but the surgery put me in a place to be able to physically get better. I can actually keep up with my 2 boys now! The key is having a good surgeon and support program in place. Good luck with your decision!

Lorie in NC