Thursday, August 23, 2012


I couldn't think of a title for this post except for how I'm feeling..tonights the first night of the Fair, just the rides are open tonight and the wrist bands are just $10 to ride all you want; well Kennys working there and Hayden went with some kids he met. And that means I have been home ALONE since 4:30!!!

I washed, dried and put away 2 loads of clothes, did dishes, swept the kitchen floor and sat and stitched and watched one of my favorite movies: "Steel Magnolias". I've seen this movie more times than I can count and still get tears. I've been stitching away on my LK Halloween Sampler and sure loving it. Love the colour changes.

I recieved my stash yesterday; I've wanted these scissors for a while now and I don't like the way they But their really cute and I want to make the holder for it and fob. Not much else going on; I skyped with the girls today; Scarlett is such a doll. Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend; I have to work; Sunday after work I'm going to the Fair with my friend Rhonda; gonna go see what I placed...wish me luck. Kennys will be working there and said we can ride the ride he's controlling but I'll pass; I'll get


cucki said...

Great progress on your lk sampler..
Sweet new stash xxx

Joy said...

LK Mystery is moving right along! I like those scissors too...maybe sharpening them would help? Goodluck at the fair and have fun.

Trace4J said...

Spooky wonderful stitches.
You Grand is beautiful.
Time alone and watching Steel Magnolias sounds like Heaven to me.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Devon said...

Your LK mystery sampler is coming along very cute,,and you have one adorable grandaughter,,

colleens craft shed said...

Home alone sounds so wonderful! Just a short time aways....after awhile I start to miss them around Love the halloween sampler. Can't wait to see it finished. Enjoy the fair!

Marilyn said...

Great progress on the LK mystery.
I like your new project also. :)
And a cute pic of Scarlett too!

marly said...

Steel Magnolias is my favorite movie. I LOVE every one of those women and always wish I was like Truvy but I'm more like Ouiser. Where the heck did they come up with those names???