Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stupid car!!!

Last night Kenny & I were going to go for a drive and the car wouldn't start, he tried everything; then this AM he played around with it (like men do LOL) and now it will start. I guess "someone" wanted us to stay home last night. LOL. I stitched A LOT yesterday; I finished my magnet for an exchange; I'll post a picture once she gets it, and my halloween RR (posted picture) and started my Blackbird Design "Bluebird", it's such a fun and quick stitch; I'm really enjoying it; I am using Gentle Arts thread in Blue Jay, I'm stitching it for my mom; I asked her to send me a couple of buttons from my grandma & dad's clothing she still has; and I'll stitch those buttons on it. I have to work soon; so I guess I better get in the shower.

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